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ABOUT-ART 2.0, 2013

Preserving the concept of the first edition of Alumni Research talks, the Computer Science Association, the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems in association with Embryo, BITS Pilani present to you the second edition of ART.

When is it?

January 12 to 14, 2013
So what does one expect from the talks? As the name would suggest, the talks are intended to provide a direction to the inquisitive minds. For those who believe that design implementation and evaluation is synonymous to building an efficient code, a talk on Human- Computer Interaction will be the right-hand. If applying Computer Science to real life problems, while using Multi-way video conferencing, Kinect Cameras, 3D modeling, and end-to-end systems intrigues you, we shall have a talk on Bioinformatics. If the concept of tele-immersion that has until now been a part of science-fiction inspires you, learn how the various pieces required to make this concept a reality are put together, and the technical challenges involved in the design and development. If the power of Parallel Computing has ever triggered curiousity in your mind; rethink at ART for a better and safer Hardware-Software co-designed system. To add to the list, randomized algorithms in specific, together with state of the art algorithms for achieving simple tasks should appeal to any efficient coder.

Added Features

This second edition of ART promises to have more flavors to inspire the curious minds.

Student-Alumni-Faculty Panel Discussion
A panel consisting of the Alumni, Faculty and Student representatives shall present and examine the research opportunities in Computer Science as Career around the world and those present at BITS.

The Alumni Research Talks serve to fill the long existing gap between the undergraduate world and the scenario thence. And the very fact that our own alumni would be sharing their real life experiences beyond BITS stands more than a reason to fall for it! The Research talks will be broadcasted live to the Goa and Hyderabad campuses of BITS Pilani. ART is sponsored by Google, NetApp and Ebay-Paypal.
Come. Explore and learn the possibilities that lie ahead.

More details about ART-2013 can be accessed as follows: