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ART 2012

The first edition of ART was completed with a joint effort by the Computer Science Association and the Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, BITS Pilani in association with Embryo, BITS Pilani during 13th-15th January, 2012.The event saw a participation of around 660 participants at Pilani, in addition to the students at Goa and Hyderabad. The event also saw some students from the Dubai campus, visiting Pilani for the event. A quick overview of the event can be obtained from the infographic here.

The 3-day symposium held on campus, brought back recent alumni of BITS- Pilani currently involved in research. The speakers went an extra mile in sharing their post college experiences in addition to sharing inspiring insights into their areas of work and research. Clearly they succeeded in dispelling myriad myths that one might harbour about academics in BITS in general, and illuminate minds on how things actually worked in the real world.

The Research Talks encompassed a wide variety of topics, centered mostly around various aspects of Computer Science. Also, complementing the event, was an Idea Challenge competition, inviting participants to unfurl their innovative buds and display novelty.Not to forget, snack sessions to revive the brainstorming audience had been appropriately scheduled. One of the highest perks of the event remained the informal interactive sessions with the Alumni, which enabled participants to have personal interaction with the speakers on various issues plaguing their minds.

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