Alumini Research Talks 6.0

BITS Pilani,India

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Profile - About Raghavendra Singh

Raghavendra Singh

Raghavendra Singh is a Research Staff member at IBM Research. He is currently a member of the Cognitive Computing group. His research interests are in in the area of information theory, signal processing and representation as applied to a spectrum of problems in neuro-science, compression and transmission of multimedia data, and monitoring of large scale data centers. He did his PhD. in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California (2001).

His undergraduate degree is from BITS Pilani, India (1993). He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Profile - About Vaibhav Rajan

Vaibhav Rajan

Research Scientist Vaibhav Rajan joined XRCI as a Research Scientist in July 2012. He currently leads a project in predictive analytics for healthcare aimed at developing novel statistical models and algorithms for disease risk modelling, personalized treatment planning and prediction of emerging medical complications in hospitals.

BE, Computer Science, BITS, Pilani, India (2000 - 2004)

Profile - About Prasanta Bhattacharya

Prasanta Bhattacharya

He is a PhD candidate with the Department of Information Systems at National University of Singapore (School of Computing). he is presently attached to the IS Social Network Lab where he is being advised by Prof.Tuan Q. Phan . He works in the area of Computational Social Science with a special focus on topics concerning social influence, network externalities and computational psycholinguistics. His current stream of research looks at identifying behavioral patterns from social network data.

He has an undergrad major in Computer Science and a Masters in Software Systems.

Profile - About Nitish Nair

Nitish Nair

Mathematical modelling underpins his work in academic and industrial research. He has intensively worked on deterministic and stochastic simulations of systems from the molecular to the macroscale. Graduate training from UIUC and MIT honed his math and programming skills in the area of carbon nanotechnology. Postdoctoral research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, extended that experience to the domain of polymer science. Industrial research at GM and Shell has exposed him to real-world problems - from reactive transport in exhaust aftertreatment devices to atomistic simulations of hydrocarbons and fluid flow in porous media.

He has an undergrad major and masters in Chemical Engineering.